Blue Springs Cave (aka Green/Snake Cave system)

    From Mayo, head northwest on U.S. 27/SR 20 for approximately 3 to 4 miles. Looking for a sign for the spring, turn right onto Highway 251B and then travel for another 2 miles. The entrance will be ont he east (right) side of the road.



    There is a 30x12 foot natural limestone bridge that you can (depending on river level) walk over or swim under similar to that of the small bridge at Telford. The 35 foot deep pool usually has a greenish tint. The Bl;ue Springs has three sides with steep bluffs and a wooden stairway on either side. To get to Snake sink turn to the right and walk through the opening in the fence as you just enter the park. The sink itself bend a bit at a right angle, hence the name. Green sink is more traditionally oval shaped and can be reached by following the path from Snake Sink.


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