Buford Spring


    Buford is located on Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area property.  It has been said by many that this is the 2nd largest cavern (after Wakulla) in Florida. It is located, litterally, in a swamp with no paths to it, so a guide is necessary to find it.  It is NOT fun walking and wading through a swamp with tank(s) on. Best time to dive is the winter months since the swamp comes (more) alive in the warmer months... ABSOLUTELY do not drive on the trails (called trams) leading out towards the springs. Be sure to not block the 'gate' when parking alongside the road. Honor and respect the hunters (when in season). It is probably best to plan your dive in the afternoon during hunting season.


 The price to dive is $3 a day or you may purchase an annual Wildlife Management Area pass for $26.50 at local hunting supply stores or even Wal-Mart.


    Getting to the nest was often as hard as the dive. It was best to go with someone who had been there several times before since the hunting roads can become an incredible maze. Like Eagle's Nest, this is an extremely advanced dive due to the distance from help and the depths found here (not to mention the gators).  Access is gained through the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area. The access is about 10 miles north of the Hwy 50/Hwy 19 intersection. When you dive there, please make sure to leave a copy of either your annual pass or the stub you got after paying at the iron ranger on the vehicle dashboard so that law enforcement may check it while you are in the water. Please also leave a copy of your cave certification card as well as you would at Peacock.   


Click here for a rough draft drawing of the cavern.


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