Cathedral Canyon Cave

    Cathedral Canyon is about 10 miles northwest of Live Oak and is part of the Falmouth system. From Live Oak drive 9.2 miles on U.S. Hwy 90, turn southwest onto a dirt road for 0.1 miles the spring is to the right (west).

    This cave that was chronicled on Sheck Exley's "Caverns Measureless to Man" and has been extensively explored under some of the worst diving conditions around. Exley bought the land around this karst window in order to gain access to the site. This site was literally his backyard and he created ways to make the diving more enjoyable such as rigging a hot water line for comfortable deco. This system is usually the first to go black whenever the river floods. This site is upstream of Falmouth Springs. NSS-CDS controls access to this site, so for more information, check out their website listing here.

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